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What is the sign of sweet cravings?

Sugar and serotonin effects:

By increasing the amount of serotonin, the side effect of sugar is greater than its direct effect. When sugar is consumed, insulin is released and binds to amino acids, which together reach the muscles, leaving tryptophan, a small amino acid that normally It has a clear pathway to the brain and is used in the production of serotonin, making the connection that sugar makes you feel good. In fact, this is more true for some than others. A study reported in January 2009 in the journal “Eating Behavior” reported increased consumption of sweet foods by overweight individuals when tryptophan levels were reduced.

Stress and sugar consumption

Few things can disrupt healthy eating habits faster than stress, not to mention the lifestyle around it. The inevitable release of cortisol that comes with a stress stimulus sends blood sugar up and down.

To keep energy high, you look for the fastest way to reach the nearest sweet food. Researchers at the University of Michigan showed that the amount of sugar consumed increased in response to the increase in stress hormone levels

Hormonal fluctuations

According to the Psychological Science website, Nicole, a study published in 2008 says that sugar has been found to increase endorphin levels in the brain, resulting in pain relief. Many women who experience sweet cravings associated with premenstrual syndrome lead to overindulging in chocolate or other sweets because endorphin levels are at their lowest.

Digestive diseases

An imbalance in the beneficial bacteria in the gut can lead to yeast and fungi that increase sugar cravings in people. Food allergies and food sensitivities can cause imbalance in blood sugar.

In addition, the immune system response triggered by the consumption of allergic foods creates its own form of sugar craving.

Eating fast and not chewing food completely

Foods should be chewed well and eaten slowly to ensure the optimal and effective functioning of the digestive system. The digestive process begins with saliva, which contains enzymes to aid in this process and the physical balance of the body.


Avoid drinking water with meals, because it disrupts the digestion of food in the stomach, and this improper digestion can be a factor in the emergence and increase of your sweet cravings.

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