The history of the chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip cookie (Chocolate chip cookie) is the most popular American sweet and was first created in the state of Massachusetts, USA, by a university professor and nutritionist named Ruth Graves Wakefield. The story of the creation of this order begins when Mrs. Ruth decides to open a small inn with her husband Ken in 1930, they call this inn The Toll House Inn. Ruth personally prepared all the sweets and dishes of The Toll House Inn using their family recipes, and with the hearty food and attention to providing good service, their guest house became very popular within a year.

One of the sweets that Ruth prepared for the inn was a chocolate butter cookie. To make this recipe, he used to mix chocolate bar for pastry making with water and biscuit ingredients. One day while working, he noticed that he didn’t have a chocolate bar, so he chopped up the Nestlé chocolate that Mr. Andrew Nestlé gave him as a sample and poured it into the ingredients. He thought that the chocolate pieces would melt completely in the oven and the same cookie would be obtained, but the chocolate remained as a piece in the cake. Ruth served the new cookie and when it was well received by the customers, she started baking these cookies continuously and with this the Chocolate Chip Cookie was born in 1933.

Of course, many nutrition historians reject this story and say that Ruth’s level of work was much higher than this and that this cookie was deliberately designed in this way and not by chance. Their document is Ruth’s interview with a magazine about the one-year-old chocolate chip cookie. In this magazine, Ruth tells the reporters that for a long time she wanted to create a variety in the guest house sweets.

Whatever the method of arriving at this recipe, it was well received by customers and Ruth bought more and more Nestlé chocolates to make this cookie, which eventually led to Andrew Nestlé and Ruth joining forces. According to this contract, Ruth ordered the chocolate chip cookies to Nestlé and received them, and in return, she got the right to use Nestlé products for free for the rest of her life. This contract was signed in the forties of the 20th century and after some time, Nestlé company produced chocolate chips for this cookie. The Toll House Inn photo is on the chocolate chip packages and Ruth’s cookie recipe is on the back of the package. For many years, in addition to chocolate chips, Nestlé has been producing and offering cookies in various flavors.

Before the 30s and 40s, America had a very good economic situation and even the middle class had cooks and servants. When the United States faced the Great Depression in the 1930s and the Second World War in the 1940s, the financial situation of the people fell sharply, and housewives needed a recipe that could be made with cheap ingredients and without the need for baking skills. Bake sweets in the evening.

Despite wartime coupons and food shortages, the ease and cheapness of the raw materials of this sweet became one of the reasons for its great popularity. Nestlé advertising company used this opportunity and wrote for the advertisement of chocolate chips that “Your son is waiting in the war and he needs these cookies to win the war”.

In the 1940s, Ruth wrote the baking book “Ruth Wakefield’s Recipes: Tried and True” and shared her experiences. He also collected a huge collection of cookbooks, which he donated to the library of the university of the same city after retiring from the inn. Ruth died in 1977, but the Toll House continued to exist for years after her death, until it was destroyed in a kitchen fire on New Year’s Eve 1984.

It’s good to know that this lady has been registered as one of the most influential women of the 20th century, and her sweets are among the most important sweets in the history of pastry making.


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